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  • Plantilla PowerPoint de Pimientos

    Peppers PowerPoint Templates

    Red and Yellow Peppers PowerPoint Template The free Peppers PowerPoint Template is perfect for making any presentation about this vegetable efficiently. It contains a background of water you can use easily, in addition […] More

  • Mes del Helado Plantilla PowerPoint

    Ice Cream Month PowerPoint Templates

    Ice Cream Month PowerPoint Template Ice Cream Month PowerPoint Template. Chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, two spoons, lollipops... It seems that our vocabulary has been reduced to what ice cream is. We love you all […] More

  • Plantilla para PowerPoint de Cosecha

    Harvest PowerPoint Templates

    Harvest PowerPoint Template Our free Harvest PowerPoint Template contains unique features that will help you make a professional presentation. It also has high-quality illustrations that will captivate your audience […] More

  • Manzanas Plantilla PowerPoint

    Apples PowerPoint Templates

    Apples PowerPoint Template The free apples PowerPoint template talks about the benefits of this food, its vitamins, fibers and minerals, which help us in our digestive system. This PowerPoint template was designed […] More

  • Fresas Plantilla PowerPoint

    Strawberries PowerPoint Templates

    Strawberries PowerPoint Template The free Strawberries PowerPoint Template is ideal for presentations about this food, you can use it for medical or nutritional work, among others. In addition, this professional template contains digital illustrations, diagrams […] More

  • Plátanos Plantilla PowerPoint

    Bananas PowerPoint Templates

    Bananas PowerPoint Template Free Bananas PowerPoint Template can be edited in every way from colors, shapes and text easily. It contains a wide variety of graphic elements that […] More

  • Bananas Plantilla PowerPoint

    Banana PowerPoint Templates

    Banana PowerPoint Template The Banana PowerPoint Template is ideal for fruit projects, especially fruit topics, as it features high-quality illustrations suitable for this type of […] More

  • Dieta y Nutrición Plantilla PowerPoint

    Diet and Nutrition PowerPoint Templates

    Diet and Nutrition PowerPoint Template The Diet and Nutrition PowerPoint Template is ideal for health professionals like doctors who need to create presentations about healthy eating. These presentations are perfect for […] More

  • Diseño de Fresas Plantilla PowerPoint

    Strawberry Design PowerPoint Templates

    Strawberry Design PowerPoint Template The Strawberry Design PowerPoint Template is perfect for presentations on nutrition and healthy eating, because strawberries are a delicious fruit and perfect for breakfast. Also […] More

  • Plantilla Powerpoint Profesional de Verduras

    Vegetables Professional Powerpoint Templates

    Plantilla de Profesional de Verduras para Powerpoint La Plantilla Powerpoint Profesional de Verduras diseñada por expertos en desarrollar plantillas para presentaciones de negocios. Las diapositivas contienen ilustraciones, gráficos, diagramas y otros elementos que lo ayudarán […] More

  • Plantilla PowerPoint de Brócoli Fresco

    Fresh Broccoli PowerPoint Templates

    Plantilla de Brócoli Fresco para PowerPoint La Plantilla PowerPoint de Brócoli Fresco tiene un diseño simple con formas verdes e ilustraciones de alta calidad, perfecto para presentaciones sobre salud naturaleza alimentos vegetales y más. Además […] More

  • Miel de Abeja Plantilla PowerPoint

    Honey Bee PowerPoint Templates

    Plantilla PowerPoint de Miel de Abeja Nuestra Plantilla PowerPoint de Miel de Abeja incluye diapositivas llenas de imágenes relacionadas con este alimento producida por insectos. Su mejor característica es que puedes editarlo completamente y reposicionar […] More